A documentary about how the dream began.

Cars represent freedom. Since the invention of the automobile, people have been able to expand their worlds by traveling independently at high speeds. This made owning a car an essential part of pursuing “The American Dream.”

The Woodward Dream Cruise started as a fundraiser for a new soccer field in Ferndale, Michigan. Since then, it has become the world’s largest one-day automotive event. More than 40,000 classic cars and 1.5 million people cruise up and down Woodward Avenue (M1), America’s first concrete paved road. This tradition of “cruising” has become a way for many to honor and celebrate the cars that define their generation.

In the Motor City, people have an undeniable passion for these symbols of craftsmanship while truly embracing the freedom that comes with driving one.  These classic car lovers also remind us of the potential for progress when pride meets innovation. There’s nothing quite like being in the driver’s seat.

This is Dream Cruisin’…  


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A docu-series about the future of the Motor City. 

The most popular travel guide, Lonely Planet, recently listed Detroit as the #2 city in the world to visit for 2018. In this series, we will be “cruising” through the comeback city in style, featuring decades of classic cars while delivering a twist to the prototypical outlook on Detroit.  Each half hour episode will promote local organizations and people contributing to the Motor City’s current growth. From the hottest restaurants to the newest forms of transportation, we hope to show the world what Detroit has to offer! It will emphasize how the soul of the city, despite decades of urban struggles, is currently shifting its recovery into high gear.

This show will exclusively hire local crew, use local resources, and showcase local businesses.  Ideally, the host will be a native Detroiter with a passion for cars and the progress of our city. The ultimate goal is to produce an ongoing series here in the Motor City!

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